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Common Academic Obstacles & Challenges Related To Weak Time Management Skills

Time Management &Success Magnified

Counseling and The Professor Hall Planner will help fix your time management problems.

  • Neglecting to construct a 'strategic' planner
  • Forgetting to turn in completed assignments
  • Leaving long-term projects to the last minute
  • Putting off studying until the night before exams
  • Not understanding the importance of attending professor office hours




  • Failing to attend tutoring services for difficult content courses
  • Feeling easily overwhelmed and avoiding projects and assignments
  • Believing there is more time to complete assignments than is actually true
  • Forgetting or refusing to carve in the time to join or form a study group 







What People Say About It

"Ms. Hall’s strategic academic planner brings to life the efficiency of time management. It is empirically proven that these strategies work to the success of academic achievement. The planner will be a great tool to help keep order of the busy days and to not lose focus or motivation through your college journey. During Covid-19 it's been hard to keep focus during school, but an academic planner of this caliber helps to focus.

- Felipe Alba Marin

VP of Academic Excellence for Delta Upsilon

University of Houston

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Ms. Juanita Hall through our Master’s Program at UH. She is passionate about helping students succeed to reach their highest potential. With her experience she has undeniably impacted many students’ lives. Her positive attitude and passion is contagious and motivating."

- Bridgett Acosta


Milby High School

Let Academic Planner & Counselors Help You Achieve Academic Success!


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