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Speaking Engagements

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Juanita Hall is an expert Keynote & Motivation Speaker and National Conference Speaker


Juanita Hall helps students to:

  • Make smart and strategic choices for success in college, career, and life.
  • Improve class performance for a great education.
  • Discover the power of a “victorious'“ attitude for a great life and career.
  • She will help students learn the 5 S's of College Success to matriculate seamlessly to the next semester to graduation and beyond.

Expertise in areas of:

  • Leadership Empowerment Coach
  • Time Management Expert
  • Student Success Advocate
  • Academic Counselor
  • Educator


         Make Strategic, Smart, and Significant choices so that your college years and future will be defined in terms of SUCCESS.





Hall, Juanita J., (2020). Professor Hall Planner. 1st edition. 1-186. ISBN:978-0-578-76280-7

MasterMind Success Package - 5SSS (Student Success Strategies). All of the strategies for a great and successful semester.

Hall, Juanita J., (in progress). Uncommon Breed. Manuscript in preparation.

Speaking Engagements


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“Student Success Strategies: Evoking Powerful Interdependence,” Louisiana State University, Total U, Alexandria, Louisiana, 2020.

“Student Success Strategies: Evoking Powerful Interdependence.” The Innovative Teaching and Learning Symposium Conference, The University of Houston, Houston, Texas, 2019.

Student Success Strategies: Academic Resilience & GRIT.” 46th Annual ACTLA Conference, “Inspired to Learn,” The Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance, Berkeley, California, 2020.

 “A Multi-faceted Look at Student Success.” ACTP 17th Annual 2020 ACTP Conference, Association for the Coaching and Tutoring Profession, Atlanta, Georgia, 2020.

A Clearer Path to Student Success & Achievement.” 2020 First Generation Success Conference at San Jacinto, San Jacinto Community College, Houston, Texas, 2020.

“Mastering the Power of Self-Efficacy: The Impact of Academic Initiatives for Students.” NASPA 2020Annual Conference, Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education, Austin, Texas, 2020.

The Power of POP! – The Powerful of a Planner.” 34th NCLCA Racing Toward Success Annual Conference, National College Learning Center Association, Louisville, Kentucky, 2020.

Hello! I am Juanita Hall and I am passionate about implementing student success initiatives and have worked diligently over the last twenty years in many different educational roles. Increasing student success to assist all students so they may matriculate seamlessly from semester to semester to graduation is not merely a job for me. I breathe this, I live this, I am this. I truly love this.

Professor Hall Planner

Professor Hall Planner is the #1 step to tightening up Time Management & Productivity skills for a guaranteed SUCCESSFUL semester. To create a "strategic" planner, students will view an animated whiteboard explainer video with step-by-step instructions on how to construct a personal ‘realistic’ planner so the student will know what their month, week and day looks like every day. Guessing days are over.

The student will enter exams, quizzes, homework, etc. AHEAD OF TIME to ensure they are done with all

homework assignments, readings and ready to begin studying/reviewing for exams days BEFORE test day which

will decrease stress, anxiety and second guessing answers. No more turning in late homework, reading last minute and studying the day before an exam which = failure. With this planner, the student will be more organized, no procrastination, and making A’s and B’s because you are prepared, with increased motivation.

Let Academic Planner & Counselors Help You Achieve Academic Success!


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