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Real Student Testimony 

"After being on academic suspension and counseling sessions with Ms. Juanita Hall, I started passing my classes. I did so well that I stopped doing homework in my bed and bought a real desk. Once I started using a planner using Professor Hall's technique, my time management and productivity skills increased. I just graduated from UH thanks to Professor Hall's unique strategies."

        - India Chatman, UH 2021 Graduate

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“Creating the planner and counseling is CRUCIAL! Listen to Ms. J. She gon'get you right!!!.”

Travis R, UH student

Real College Students Testimonials

Ms. Hall is an inviting and intentional mentor. She listens to your unique situation before she gives you advice that is tailored for you. She is genuinely invested in the student succeeding and creative when it comes to incorporating different skills and tools to make an academic career more fruitful.

Sarah C.

Undergraduate Student

University of Houston

After meeting with Ms. Hall and going over new study strategies, my grades and test scores began to improve tremendously. I also regained self-confidence within myself, I was reassured and motivated to do my best to succeed.

Treva R.

Undergraduate Student

University of Houston

I was able to meet with Ms. Hall multiple times throughout my semester to check in and make sure I was performing well in school. She helped me get over some academic hurdles like tough courses and large amounts of schoolwork. At the end of the semester I had great grades and a new work ethic that I could use in my coming semesters.

Mike Y.

Undergraduate Student

University of Houston


"Ms. Hall suggested I get a yearly planner. I attended her 'Strategic' Planner workshop for guidance on how to properly set up my planner and I haven't missed an assignment yet!"

India C.

Undergraduate Student

University of Houston

"Ms. Hall’s strategic academic planner brings to life the efficiency of time management. It is empirically proven that these strategies work to the success of academic achievement. The planner will be a great tool to help keep order of the busy days and to not lose focus or motivation through your college journey. During Covid-19 it's been hard to keep focus during school, but an academic planner of this caliber helps to focus.

Felipe Marin

VP of Academic Excellence for Delta Upsilon

University of Houston

"A must-read for any college student! Professor Hall Planner is a comprehensive guide to everything a college student needs to know. From choosing a major, developing specific success skill sets, making use of breaks, tightening up time-management skills, and career development, this planner covers it all!

Vonn Alanis

Undergraduate Student

Lone Star Community College

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Ms. Juanita Hall through our Master’s Program at UH. She is passionate about helping students succeed to reach their highest potential. With her experience she has undeniably impacted many students’ lives. Her positive attitude and passion is contagious and motivating."

Bridgett Acosta, M.Ed.

Milby High School

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