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A Powerful Approach To Time Management & Productivity Achievement

Professor Hall Counseling focuses primarily on student empowerment and strategies that promote academic success. This unique counseling enables students to enter and thrive in the challenging economic mainstream disrupted by online learning by providing academic strategies that work immediately. 

The strategies produces higher retention and persistent rates overall for a successful semester and beyond. Low retention and persistence rates affect students transitioning from high school into the higher education institutions and those already in college. 

Students who are fortunate and persist to make the transition to college will typically drop out without obtaining a degree. 

Furthermore, external factors such as disadvantaged backgrounds, a non-collaborative learning environment, a weak academic foundation, weak formative assessments and few resources are a few of the causes of low recruitment, retention, and persistent rates. 

Many resources have been developed to combat low retention rates and increase student learning

Nearly 2 million students who begin college each year drop out before earning a degree.

Juanita J. Hall, M.Ed., Founder & CEO

Hello! I'm Juanita J. Hall, M.Ed and I'm an Keynote & Motivational Speaker, Author, Education Consultant and Academic Counselor. 

While serving a variety of roles in schools, colleges and universities, I was struck by bleak prospects facing high school, college and university students who lacked the skills necessary to be academically successful. This reminded me of my own academic challenges as I maneuvered through semester after semester in college.

Those struggles led to learning about time management skills and taking advantage of student success strategies. No more studying days before exams and turning homework assignments in late. How I looked at and responded to college changed. As my grades went up so did my confidence. Soon, I was teaching these same PROVEN strategies to my own students.

Juanita Hall helps students to:

 Make smart and strategic choices for success in college, career, and life.

 Improve class performance for a great education.

 Discover the power of a “victorious'“ attitude for a great life and career.

 She will help students learn the 5 S's of College Success to matriculate seamlessly to the next semester to graduation.


Juanita J. Hall holds both an Education and Psychology degree, and will EMPOWER & IGNITE

students with PROVEN Student Success Strategies. Professor Hall's Planner

and Academic Counseling is a unique tool with the purpose to increase Time Management & Productivity NOW!

Let Academic Planner & Counselors Help You Achieve Academic Success!


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