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We are Academic Counselors who specialize in PROVEN Student Success Strategies to help students decrease stress and anxiety.

At Professor Hall Counseling, our counselors are expert time management specialists and we guarantee academic improvement that will improve grades and GPA. Our counselors are compassionate and relatable to the challenges and stresses of online courses. Professor Hall Planner and Counseling sessions have changed many student's lives.

What is Academic Counseling?

Academic counseling is a working partnership between a professional counselor and a student that focuses on the “process” of learning. It can make the difference in the lives of students who are struggling to stay afloat. The lack of time management skills is the number one factor causing students to fail in high school and college. By identifying and addressing student’s underlying fears, patterns and limiting beliefs they’ll be able to stop making excuses and start taking action to achieve what they really want.

Benefits of Academic Counseling

All students on every level including students diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities and anxiety can show great improvement from academic counseling such as constructing Professor Hall's 'strategic' Planner, tightening up time management skills, decreasing procrastination, use of PROVEN student success strategies, increased motivation and much more to ensure academic success every semester.

A Typical Academic Counseling Session


Your first appointment will typically last 45 minutes. We will assess your student’s current status and goals. We will then develop an implementation plan, which may include one or more of the following:

  1. Reconnect to inquire about how the previous week went, discuss successes and challenges and talk about expectations and goals for the upcoming weeks and months.
  2. Teach the 5SSS (Student Success Strategies) System to develop effective learning strategies, time management skills or enhance other areas of concern. Counselor guides student in creating a very specific and 'strategic' plan which encompass breaking down big jobs into small manageable steps.  
  3. Construct a 'strategic' planner which includes two bonus videos. One video is a whiteboard animated explainer video with step-by-step instructions on how to construct a planner and the second video 
  4. Grade review so student screen share their grading portal to compare weekly grades. During this time the counselor guides student to reflect on strategies used which were successful and possibly where to recalibrate.

During your follow up sessions we will monitor your progress and make adjustments to the implementation plan as indicated.

Are you stressed out over school and managing all you have to do?Would you like more free time? Try academic counseling to get a handle on:

Time Management, Organization & Productivity

Strategies for a Great Semester

Study Skills & Test-Taking

Overcoming Procrastination




Test Anxiety

Sleep Learning

Planning & Taking Action

Succeeding at School Without Sacrificing Free time

Discover the creative, focused, self-sufficient learner you can be


Let Academic Planner & Counselors Help You Achieve Academic Success!


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