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Professor Hall Planner

& Academic Counseling


Finally a powerful, motivating, time management tool designed to help you the student turn your stress into SUCCESS, make Strategic, Smart and Significant choices for success in school and college and manage your time to increase productivity and do it all easily every single semester. 


Juanita Hall holds both a Master of  Education and Bachelor of Psychology degree, and will EMPOWER & IGNITE students with PROVEN student success strategies. Juanita Hall's Planner and Academic Counseling is a unique tool with the purpose to increase time management & productivity now!



* 10.5 x 15 (A4 210x285mm)

* Undated 18 Month Calendar

* Beautifully colored pages

* Upgraded hard chipped cover

* Gold spiral wire binding

* Gold stamped monthly tabs

Layout Features:

* 37 pages of Academic Success Strategies

* Undated monthly, weekly spreads

* Internal Pocket in the back

* Off-set coated inner pages

* Professor Hall Special 5 SSS PROVEN Personalized Student Success Strategies



  • 5SSS System (Student Success Strategies) PROVEN strategy system guaranteed to increase grades and GPA
  • Animated whiteboard explainer video with step-by-step instructions on how to construct a 'strategic' planner to start 'ahead of time' for assignments and studying for exams


Welcome to Professor Hall Planner – unique from other planners. Professor Hall Planner was created to help you with tightening up your time management skills, with PROVEN student success strategies to ensure successful matriculation to each semester and beyond. This planner will help you be more organized, and be more prepared to submit assignments and take exams with increased intent and motivation.

  ​ ​ ​

Professor Hall Planner 

Professor Hall Planner helps students to:   

  • Make smart, strategic and significant choices for college, career and life.
  • Improve class performance for a great education.
  • Discover the power within themselves for a great life.

  USD $49.99

  Much cheaper than retaking a course that costs hundreds!

    Want To Optimize Your Day, Everyday?


College can be overwhelming and stressful but the key to success is balancing it all by having a well designed student planner. The first step is staying organized and ahead of time. 

Having a daily planner is proven to boost productivity. A well designed planner can motivate students to manage their education, as well as facilitating healthy ways to balance work and play. We will help increase your time management skills.

One of the main reasons for failure is not having a planner constructed 'strategically'. Our Professor Hall Planner team will take that out of your hands and into ours. What does this mean for you?

  • You will no longer feel overwhelmed by your endless to-do list. Nor defeated when you never finish it all.
  • You will not miss a homework assignment or project deadline which means you will not get behind on your studies.

To make the most of these benefits, we will:

  • work with you to put together the best content to help you thrive.
  • design your planners to be engaging and tailored specifically for the needs of your students.
  • work within your availability to create a college planner based on your exact specifications.
In fact, you will start working on homework assignments, notetaking, projects and studying for exams 'AHEAD OF TIME'. We realize that constructing a 'strategic' planner takes a lot of work and time. You don't have to lose any sleep or be stressed out because you are behind in your courses. Professor Hall Planner will plan and schedule ALL of your assignments, notetaking days, projects, and best study times all 'AHEAD OF TIME'.

* Email me: for prices *





Juanita Hall, affectionately known as Professor Hall, has a comprehensive multifaceted background providing guidance for academic success. She will work with you to strengthen your Learning, Cognitive, Motivation, Mindset and GRIT.

Professor Hall Planner helps students to:

Make smart and strategic choices for success in college, career, and life.
  • Improve class performance for a great education.
  • Discover the power of a “victorious'“ attitude for a great life and career.
  • She will help students learn the 5 S’s of College Success to transition seamlessly to the next semester to graduation.
Make Strategic, Smart, and Significant choices so that your college years and future will be defined in terms of SUCCESS.



                            PROFESSOR HALL PLANNER                                                         ACADEMIC COUNSELING 

Academic Counseling For Students With Time Management Challenges

  • Academic Counseling reinforces the breadth and depth of students own learning, helps them develop personal qualities such as confidence and perseverance.
  • Counseling strategies facilitate ways in which each student can overcome barriers and continue educational progress towards their diploma and career pathway. It is just the beginning of a quest to serve and respond to students, and their families individual needs. 

High School Counseling

  • The counselors excel at helping high school students be academically successful, and develop the required skills for high school, college and beyond.
  • Time management skills such as constructing a 'strategic' planner, increasing motivation and productivity and, decreasing procrastination are the main focus of the sessions. Our counselors also help students develop study strategies, and using campus resources such as tutoring, forming or joining study groups, attending professor office hours.

We offer the High School - Power 5 Package

College Counseling

  • College students start off the semester with much excitement and apprehension and then about a month into the semester, they're hit with profound challenges. Those with time management difficulties have not yet developed the skills necessary to be a self reliant and successful student.
  • Our counselors are excellent at helping students learn strategies such as time management, being productive, constructing a 'strategic' planner, using campus resources such as tutoring, forming or joining study groups, attending professor office hours.

We offer the Mastering Mindset Package

College Coaching Coming Soon!

An innovator in teaching and learning, Juanita Hall brings extensive experience in the areas of:

college success

career planning

online learning

experiential learning


                                               Academic Counselor | Author | Keynote Speaker | Education Consultant | Motivational Speaker


Ms. Hall is an inviting and intentional mentor. She listens to your unique situation before she gives you advice that is tailored for you. She is genuinely invested in the student succeeding and creative when it comes to incorporating different skills and tools to make an academic career more fruitful. 

Sarah C.

Student - University of Houston

After meeting with Ms. Hall and going over new study strategies, my grades and test scores began to improve tremendously. I also regained self-confidence within myself, I was reassured and motivated to do my best to succeed.

Treva R.

Student - University of Houston

I was able to meet with Ms. Hall multiple times throughout my semester to check in and make sure I was performing well in school. She helped me get over some academic hurdles like tough courses and large amounts of schoolwork. At the end of the semester I had great grades and a new work ethic that I could use in my coming semesters.

Mike Y.

Student - University of Houston

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Counselors Help You Achieve Academic Success!




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Learn more about the contents of the planner and the philosophy behind how it has been intentionally designed to help you create a successful year, with the helpful videos on my YouTube Channel!  

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